Menus are tailored around the client:


Whether it be daily family dinners caring for children meals working with seasonal product sometimes from the Principal own garden or whether it be organising a gala dinner or celebration emphasising on entertaining their guests by ways of adding theatrical or a certain elements for the purpose of an event ,the meals may vary in many many ways , time often is necessary to understand and settle within one household but often time is running out , therefore the habits and necessities are learned rapidly. 


As a private chef working for many international families, it often happen that you see a member of the family wearing the apron and suddenly taking control and preparing and cooking for her guests or children , you learn and pick up recipes and tips , for a French man for example having always either boiled or made "Pilaf" you suddenly learn how to cook rice in various other ways such as the Tadig "baked" as in Persia or a Plov as per in traditional Kazakh cuisine with braised large chunks of Lamb Shoulder juicing away from its bone , all those influences of course affecting your menus in the making , the flavours and techniques one can bring in.

Daniel's large experienced in the domestic sector will have taught him to love the many ways and challenging approach sometimes his clients will ask from him to either take or execute , keeping him on his toes , and by learning rapidly that for him no day will never be the same ever , he finds his balance and happiness.


This said so to really make anyone understand that employing the multiple service of a well executed professional has the purpose to provide with comfort and assistance but before anything else happiness.


The menus below are only a small sample of array in our nowadays demand and need in ever changing and keeping away from the monotony. 

Here are few examples.



Truffled Quail Egg Mimosa 

Walnut Sables & Blue Cream Cheese 

Vodka Tomato &  Watermelon 

Warm Gougere Emmental 

Pani Puri , Chick Peas , Yoghurt & Tamarind Sauce

Baby Cucumber Mascarpone & Keta Salmon Caviar 

Apple & Cardamon Marinated Mackerel



Souffle Fromage , Lamb Lettuce & Crispy Alsace Panceta

Oyster Ceviche with Cucumber water & Queen Caviar 

Crispy Duck Foie Gras , Spiced Port Reduction & Popcorn

Gazpacho served with sides of warm Pissaladiere and Heirloom Tomatoes with aged Feta 

Langoustine a la Plancha Mango & Mint Salsa 

Smoked Eggplant Salad , Toasted Almonds 

Cep In Brioche , Persillade , Young Lettuce