Private Chef

Where, when and how. 

Born in Strasbourg , Alsace , France and formerly from the Ecole Hoteliere "1988" , Daniel has gained experience throughout his numerous travel and work for the past few years . 

Having worked alongside Albert and Michel Roux Jr from Le Gavroche London and holding numerous Private Chef positions within prestigious households in the Uk and abroad.

Daniel has provided various work for the Association Culinaire Francaise de Secours Mutuel , promoting the French culinary arts in the UK .As vice-president / secretary of the ACF , he took great pride in taking care of its members by not only providing his efforts in setting web and media platforms , but also his numerous writings of social nature , along with close relational and organisation of its memberships.

In May 2010 , he was awarded the Palmes Culinaires from the Conseil Culinaire Francais de Grande Bretagne, under the patronage of the 


His work as a Private Butler / Chef and House Manager , continuously striving in his environment as well as on the various travel writing and other closely related work , has established Daniel as a reliable and trustworthy individual , counting amongst his clients , well respected global entrepreneurs ,political and members of various Royal Families.

From London ,the  South of France , the Middle East to Los Angeles and most recently to Cambridge , Oxford and Northamptonshire.

Working closely with local farmers and purveyors who are committed to sustainable practices of agriculture .Taking great pride in bringing the best in seasonal organic produce , line caught fish and humanely raised meats .

Daniel provides with a discreet , warm and attentive service focusing on Mediterranean healthy approach with a macrobiotic diet tone , raw food , low fat and low sugar recipes , dairy/gluten free , nutritional cuisine without compromising flavour and taste , all according to dietary requirement whether it be for trend or medical purpose , healthy lifestyle , intolerance ....

Where do you source your products from.

We usually work with local suppliers to the place of work but also source ourselves from professionals and trade related purveyors

What sort of service is provided.

The world of Private Household staff has not only evolved, it has also become a way to raise one standard of living.

When working for a sole client on permanent basis, Daniel tries to provide the most custom work. 
Special requests are part of the daily life for any Household Chef or House Management and staff.

What training have you had.

Trained classically and having worked for households of various horizons for the past numerous years, has given Daniel and eventail of knowledge, recipes and techniques to tap from, providing ample variety while always working with seasonal products. 

How do you describe your food

Variety, variety, variety. 

While French classic is at the front of Daniel cuisine, he attaches great importance in preparing dishes that are done from the "ground up".

Farm to table or garden to table is a way thoroughly enjoyed not only by himself, the process of picking the fruits and vegetables at the right time, the interaction with the grower and gardener, and of course the pleasure of preparing and seeing it turn into something truly delicious and nutritious. 

Lightening the old classicals by bringing modern techniques, but also using methods such as steaming so to retain every minerals and goodness of the ingredients.

Whether preparing a ladies lunch or perhaps a more elaborated fine dinning dinner to family style or children meals and parties etc... Daniel can accomodate and tweak to his client liking and preferences for the occasion or regular day.