Welcome to the ressource page, while we strive to bring staff we know personally, we also have a pool of active front and back of house workforce to tap into. 

Please contact us with your query , we will be happy sharing with you any thought and see how we can be of any assistance to your household.

Staff recruitment in the domestic world

Recruitment :


This page was created to provide basic informations on further assistance that may be provided to help with your various needs , such as adding staff to your team whether it be short term or permanent.

Being part of an industry for almost 40 years we have access to a pool of individuals and able to forward these needs to matching professionals. 


-A flat fee is billed for the first introduction of each "staff member" and must be paid to "us" prior starting any work.


-10% of the staff member rate is charged per "staff member" each working day.


-The fee is to be paid to us monthly upon invoice.


-The daily rate of pay or salary , travel expenses, accommodation when needed etc.... must all be agreed with the "staff member" directly.


-When a "staff member" is offered a permanent role following our introduction , we do require a placement fee of 10% of the "staff member" annual gross salary.




Professional "staff members" of good nature and character only are being introduced , "staff members" believed to be relevant and strong for the role presented , and for them to also become a perfect match for any role , they must be fully supported , we do that , and we kindly ask our client to be equally accompanying their new team member along and provide them with all tools necessary for better service , better service often seen in return by a well accompanied and happy individual.

We believe good training is quintessential , and that it often pays off in taking all the necessary steps at first.


While cancellations occur , we demand you to inform us and or the "staff members" in due course so to avoid miss-opportunities elsewhere , and we kindly ask that it is thoughtfully considered.

nb: please note our staff is never asked to pay us any fee at any time.